Should I use professional photography for my rental property?

Let’s be honest, these days with the amount of technology most property photos are taken with an iPhone or a point and shoot camera. This may be ok for our everyday photos and selfies, but they do not showcase your property to its potential.

Take a look at the attached examples, it is plain to see. The normal photos taken by an agent are dull and boring. The professional property photos are bright and inviting, and can make a whole lot of difference to your vacancy period and quality of tenant, especially if you are in a competitive market.

If you were a tenant scrolling through properties for lease, which home are you drawn to?

If your property is advertised for $400 per week, using regular photos generally results in a vacancy period of 3 weeks. This will cost you $1600 in potential rental income.

Our statistics show that by having professional photos, the average vacancy period is reduced by two thirds, saving you approximately $800. Considering professional photography costs $176, why wouldn’t you invest in this expense?

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